Mystery Box Extra Small Mad56


Mystery Box Extra Small Mad56


Within this compact package, you won’t find Mad56 gadgets or apparel; instead, you’ll discover the thrilling prospect of winning one of the coveted red tickets. Five of these tickets are up for grabs, each unlocking the door to a day of unparalleled adventure at the Lonato del Garda track, alongside motorsport icons Mad56, Andrea Zilliani, and Davide Cugini.

For an even more exclusive opportunity, there’s one elusive turquoise ticket hidden within these Extra Small Mystery Boxes. Secure this ticket, and you’ll find yourself behind the wheel of a high-performance Tillotson kart, sharing the track with the best in the business.

Don’t underestimate the power of the small – sometimes, big surprises come in tiny packages. Purchase your Extra Small Mystery Box now and let the anticipation of possibility add a touch of magic to your motorsport adventure!